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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Modelling poverty by not modelling poverty: an application of a simultaneous hazards approach to the UKAassve, Arnstein; Burgess, Simon; Dickson, Matt; Propper, Carol
2009 The causal effect of education on wages revisitedDickson, Matt
2011 What determines the return to education: An extra year or a hurdle cleared?Dickson, Matt; Smith, Sarah
2013 Early, late or never? When does parental education impact child outcomes?Dickson, Matt; Gregg, Paul; Robinson, Harriet
2014 Selective Schooling Systems Increase InequalityBurgess, Simon; Dickson, Matt; Macmillan, Lindsey
2014 The Lifetime Earnings Premium in the Public Sector: The View from EuropeDickson, Matt; Postel-Vinay, Fabien; Turon, Hélène
2015 The Wage Returns to Education over the Life-Cycle: Heterogeneity and the Role of ExperienceBuscha, Franz; Dickson, Matt
2016 Life-Time Effects of the German Food Crisis: Earnings, Employment, and RetirementAnger, Silke; Buscha, Franz; Dickson, Matt; Janssen, Simon
2019 The Causal Effects of Education on Adult Health, Mortality and Income: Evidence from Mendelian Randomization and the Raising of the School Leaving AgeDavies, Neil; Dickson, Matt; Smith, George Davey; Windmeijer, Frank; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2021 How much does degree choice matter?Britton, Jack; Laura van der Erve; Belfield, Chris; Vignoles, Anna; Dickson, Matt; Zhu, Yu; Walker, Ian; Dearden, Lorraine; Sibieta, Luke; Buscha, Franz