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2006 Statistical discrimination in labor markets: an experimental analysisDickinson, David L.; Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2007 Cognitive dissonance, pessimism, and behavioral spillover effectsDickinson, David L.; Oxoby, Robert J.
2007 The Peter Principle: an experimentDickinson, David L.; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2014 Alternative dispute resolutionDickinson, David L.
2014 Pour Some Sugar in Me: Does Glucose Enrichment Improve Decision Making?McElroy, Todd; Dickinson, David L.; Stroh, Nathan
2014 Sleepiness, Choice Consistency, and Risk PreferencesCastillo del Castillo, Marco; Dickinson, David L.; Petrie, Ragan
2016 Testing the Advantages of Conscious vs. Unconscious Thought for Complex Decisions in a Distraction Free ParadigmMcElroy, Todd; Dickinson, David L.
2016 Sleep Restriction and Time‐of‐Day Impacts on Simple Social InteractionDickinson, David L.; McElroy, Todd
2017 Trading While Sleepy? Circadian Mismatch and Excess Volatility in a Global Experimental Asset MarketDickinson, David L.; Chaudhuri, Ananish; Greenaway-McGrevy, Ryan
2017 Bayesian versus Heuristic-Based Choice under Sleep Restriction and Suboptimal Times of DayDickinson, David L.; McElroy, Todd
2017 Discrimination as Favoritism: The Private Benefits and Social Costs of In-group Favoritism in an Experimental Labor MarketDickinson, David L.; Masclet, David; Peterle, Emmanuel
2017 The Impact of Sleep Restriction on Contributions and Punishment: First EvidenceClark, Jeremy; Dickinson, David L.
2018 Using Ethical Dilemmas to Predict Antisocial Choices with Real Payoff Consequences: An Experimental StudyDickinson, David L.; Masclet, David
2019 Incorporating Conditional Morality into Economic DecisionsMasclet, David; Dickinson, David L.
2020 Deliberation Enhances the Confirmation Bias: An Examination of Politics and ReligionDickinson, David L.
2020 Sleep Restriction Increases Coordination FailureCastillo, Marco; Dickinson, David L.
2020 Further from the Truth: The Impact of In-Person, Online, and mTurk on Dishonest BehaviorDickinson, David L.; McEvoy, David M.
2021 The Influence of Dietary Patterns on Outcomes in a Bayesian Choice TaskDickinson, David L.; Garbuio, Caleb