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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Compensating wage differentials for schooling risk in DenmarkDiaz-Serrano, Luis; Hartog, Joop; Skyt Nielsen, Helena
2004 Is There a Risk-Return Trade-Off across Occupations? : Evidence from SpainDiaz-Serrano, Luis; Hartog, Joop
2004 Income Volatility and Residential Mortgage Delinquency : Evidence from 12 EU CountriesDiaz-Serrano, Luis
2004 On the Negative Relationship between Labor Income Uncertainty and Homeownership : Risk Aversion vs. Credit ConstraintsDiaz-Serrano, Luis
2004 The Relationship between Unemployment and Risk-AversionDiaz-Serrano, Luis; O'Neill, Donal
2004 Labour Income Uncertainty, Risk Aversion and Home OwnershipDiaz-Serrano, Luis
2005 Low Pay, Higher Pay and Job Satisfaction within the European Union: Empirical Evidence from Fourteen CountriesDiaz-Serrano, Luis; Vieira, José António Cabral
2006 Housing satisfaction, homeownership and housing mobility: a panel data analysis for twelve EU countriesDiaz-Serrano, Luis
2007 Political institutions and the development of telecommunicationsAndonova, Veneta; Diaz-Serrano, Luis
2009 Risk Attitudes and Wage Growth: Replication and ReconstructionBudria, Santi; Diaz-Serrano, Luis; Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada; Hartog, Joop
2009 Risk attitude and wage growth: replication and reconstructionBudría, Santiago; Diaz-Serrano, Luis; Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada; Hartog, Joop
2010 Work, risk and health: Differences between immigrants and natives in SpainSolé, Meritxell; Diaz-Serrano, Luis; Rodriguez Martinez, Marisol
2010 Do legal immigrants and natives compete in the labour market? Evidence from CataloniaDiaz-Serrano, Luis
2011 Decentralization, happiness and the perception of institutionsDiaz-Serrano, Luis; Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés
2011 Is there discriminatory mortgage pricing against immigrants in the Spanish lending market?Diaz-Serrano, Luis; Raya, Josep M.
2011 Is there Discriminatory Mortgage Pricing against Immigrants in the Spanish Lending Market?Diaz-Serrano, Luis; Raya, Josep M.
2012 Do fiscal and political decentralization raise students' performance? A cross-country analysisDiaz-Serrano, Luis; Meix-Llop, Enric
2012 Decentralization, Subjective Well-Being And The Perception Of InstitutionsDiaz-Serrano, Luis; Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés
2013 Do More Educated Leaders Raise Citizens' Education?Diaz-Serrano, Luis; Pérez, Jessica
2013 Impact of Duration of Primary Education on School Outcomes: A Cross-Country AnalysisDiaz-Serrano, Luis; Pérez, Jessica