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1997 Income Components and the Stability of Family Income in Western Germany and the United StatesDiPrete, Thomas A.; McManus, Patricia A.
1999 The Sensitivity of Family Income to Changes in Family Structures and Job Change in the United States and GermanyDiPrete, Thomas A.; McManus, Patricia A.
2001 Estimating causal effects with matching methods in the presence and absence of bias cancellationDiPrete, Thomas A.; Engelhardt, Henriette
2001 Life Course Risks, Mobility Regimes, and Mobility Consequences: A Comparison of Sweden, Germany, and the U.S.DiPrete, Thomas A.
2001 Editorial Introduction: Proceedings of the 2000 Fourth International Conference of German Socio-Economic Panel Study Users (GSOEP 2000)Holst, Elke; Lillard, Dean R.; DiPrete, Thomas A.
2003 Work and pay in flexible and regulated labor markets: A generalized perspective on institutional evolution and inequality trends in Europe and the USDiPrete, Thomas A.; Goux, Dominique; Maurin, Eric; Quesnel-Vallée, Amélie
2003 Do Cross-National Differences in the Costs of Children Generate Cross-National Differences in Fertility Rates?Pacalova, Hana; Engelhardt, Henriette; Morgan, S. Philip; DiPrete, Thomas A.
2004 Kausalanalyse durch MatchingverfahrenDiPrete, Thomas A.; Gangl, Markus
2004 Assessing bias in the estimation of causal effects: Rosenbaum bounds on matching estimators and instrumental variables estimation with imperfect instrumentsDiPrete, Thomas A.; Gangl, Markus
2007 The value of non-working time incorporated in quality of life comparisons: The case of the US vs. the NetherlandsVerbakel, Ellen; DiPrete, Thomas A.
2008 Segregation in social networks based on acquaintanceship and trustDiPrete, Thomas A.; Gelman, Andrew; Teitler, Julien; Zheng, Tian; McCormick, Tyler
2014 The High School Environment and the Gender Gap in Science and EngineeringLegewie, Joscha; DiPrete, Thomas A.
2020 Genetic Fortune: Winning or Losing Education, Income, and HealthKweon, Hyeokmoon; Burik, Casper A.P.; Karlsson Linnér, Richard; de Vlaming, Ronald; Okbay, Aysu; Martschenko, Daphne; Harden, Kathryn Paige; DiPrete, Thomas A.; Koellinger, Philipp D.