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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 A multi-factor model for the valuation and risk management of demand depositsDewachter, Hans; Lyrio, Marco; Maes, Konstantijn
2007 Ageing and the Relative Price of NontradeablesBettendorf, Leon; Dewachter, Hans
2008 Imperfect information, macroeconomic dynamics and the yield curve: an encompassing macro-finance modelDewachter, Hans
2010 An extended macro-finance model with financial factorsDewachter, Hans; Iania, Leonardo
2012 Endogenous risk in a DSGE model with capital-constrained financial intermediariesDewachter, Hans; Wouters, Raf
2014 A macro-financial analysis of the euro area sovereign bond marketDewachter, Hans; Iania, Leonardo; Lyrio, Marco; de Sola Perea, Maite
2014 Information in the yield curve: A Macro-Finance approachDewachter, Hans; Iania, Leonardo; Lyrio, Marco
2016 The response of euro area sovereign spreads to the ECB unconventional monetary policiesDewachter, Hans; Iania, Leonardo; Wijnandts, Jean-Charles
2016 Bank capital (requirements) and credit supply: Evidence from pillar 2 decisionsDe Jonghe, Olivier; Dewachter, Hans; Ongena, Steven
2018 Real and financial cycles in EU countries: Stylised facts and modelling implicationsR√ľnstler, Gerhard; Balfoussia, Hiona; Burlon, Lorenzo; Buss, Ginters; Comunale, Mariarosaria; De Backer, Bruno; Dewachter, Hans; Guarda, Paolo; Haavio, Markus; Hindrayanto, Irma; Iskrev, Nikolai Ivanov; Jaccard, Ivan; Kulikov, Dmitry; Kunovac, Davor; Lenarcic, Crt; Lequien, Matthieu; Lozej, Matija; Mandler, Martin; Papageorgiou, Dimitris; Pedersen, Jesper; Perez-Quiros, Gabriel; Rannenberg, Ansgar; Rots, Eyno; Scharnagl, Michael; Welz, Peter