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2015 A menu approach to revealing generator reliability using a stochastic bilevel mathematical programDevine, Mel T.; Lynch, Muireann Á.
2015 How do external costs affect pay-as-bid renewable energy connection auctions?Farrell, Niall; Devine, Mel T.
2015 Investment vs. refurbishment: Examining capacity payment mechanisms using mixed complementarity problems with endogenous probabilityLynch, Muireann Á.; Devine, Mel T.
2016 A macroeconomic mathematical model for the national income of a union of countries with interaction and tradeDassios, Ioannis K.; Devine, Mel T.
2016 An auction framework to integrate dynamic transmission expansion planning and pay-as-bid wind connection auctionsFarrell, Niall; Devine, Mel T.; Soroudi, Alireza
2016 Examining the benefits of load shedding strategies using a rolling-horizon stochastic mixed complementarity equilibrium modelDevine, Mel T.; Bertsch, Valentin
2017 Who pays for renewables? Increasing renewable subsidisation due to increased datacentre demand in IrelandLynch, Muireann Á.; Devine, Mel T.
2018 LNG and gas storage optimisation and valuation: Lessons from the integrated Irish and UK marketsDevine, Mel T.; Russo, Marianna
2018 The impacts of demand response participation in capacity marketsLynch, Muireann Á.; Nolan, Sheila; Devine, Mel T.; O'Malley, Mark
2018 Analysing long-term interactions between demand response and different electricity markets using a stochastic market equilibrium modelBertsch, Valentin; Devine, Mel T.; Sweeney, Conor; Parnell, Andrew C.
2018 The role of power-to-gas in the future energy system: How much is needed and who wants to invest?Lynch, Muireann; Devine, Mel T.; Bertsch, Valentin