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2001 Poverty persistence in Britain: a multivariate analysis using the BHPS, 1991-1997Devicienti, Francesco
2011 Rent-sharing, hold-up, and wages: Evidence from matched panel dataCard, David; Devicienti, Francesco; Maida, Agata
2013 Better Workers Move to Better Firms: A Simple Test to Identify SortingBartolucci, Cristian; Devicienti, Francesco
2015 Identifying Sorting in PracticeBartolucci, Cristian; Devicienti, Francesco; Monzón, Ignacio
2015 Temporary Employment, Demand Volatility and Unions: Firm-Level EvidenceDevicienti, Francesco; Naticchioni, Paolo; Ricci, Andrea
2015 The Impact of Part-Time Work on Firm Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from ItalyDevicienti, Francesco; Grinza, Elena; Vannoni, Davide
2016 Collective Bargaining and the Evolution of Wage Inequality in ItalyDevicienti, Francesco; Fanfani, Bernardo; Maida, Agata
2016 Technical Efficiency, Unions and Decentralized Labor ContractsDevicienti, Francesco; Manello, Alessandro; Vannoni, Davide
2016 Which Are the Benefits of Having More Female Leaders? Evidence from the Use of Part-Time Work in ItalyDevicienti, Francesco; Grinza, Elena; Manello, Alessandro; Vannoni, Davide
2017 Employment protection legislation and mismatch: Evidence from a reformBerton, Fabio; Devicienti, Francesco; Grubanov-Boskovic, Sara
2017 Employment Protection Legislation and Mismatch: Evidence from a ReformBerton, Fabio; Devicienti, Francesco; Grubanov-Boskovic, Sara
2017 How Entry into Parenthood Shapes Gender Role Attitudes: New Evidence from Longitudinal UK DataGrinza, Elena; Devicienti, Francesco; Rossi, Mariacristina; Vannoni, Davide
2019 Workplace Unionism, Collective Bargaining and Skill Formation: New Results from Mixed MethodsBerton, Fabio; Carreri, Anna; Devicienti, Francesco; Ricci, Andrea
2021 Firms' margins of adjustment to wage growth: The case of Italian collective bargainingDevicienti, Francesco; Fanfani, Bernardo