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2000 Corporate tax harmonisation in Europe: A guide to the debateBond, Stephen; Chennells, Lucy; Devereux, Michael P.; Gammie, Malcolm; Troup, Edward
2003 Measuring Taxes on Income from Capital: Evidence from the UKDevereux, Michael P.; Klemm, Alexander
2003 Measuring Taxes on Income from CapitalDevereux, Michael P.
2003 Measuring taxes on income from capital: Evidence from the UKDevereux, Michael P.; Klemm, Alexander
2003 Measuring taxes on income from capitalDevereux, Michael P.
2004 Why has the UK corporation tax raised so much revenue?Devereux, Michael P.; Griffith, Rachel; Klemm, Alexander
2004 Agglomeration, regional grants and firm locationDevereux, Michael P.; Griffith, Rachel; Simpson, Helen
2005 Dissecting dividend decisions: Some clues about the effects of dividend taxation from recent UK reformsBond, Stephen R.; Devereux, Michael P.; Klemm, Alexander
2007 Taxing corporate incomeAuerbach, Alan J.; Devereux, Michael P.; Simpson, Helen
2009 Effective tax levels using the Devereux Griffith methodology: Project for the EU Commission TAXUD/2008/CC/099. Report 2009Devereux, Michael P.; Elschner, Christina; Endres, Dieter; Spengel, Christoph
2010 The direct incidence of corporate income tax on wagesArulampalam, Wiji; Devereux, Michael P.; Maffini, Giorgia
2013 Can taxes tame the banks? Evidence from European bank leviesDevereux, Michael P.; Johannesen, Niels; Vella, John
2014 Are We Heading towards a Corporate Tax System Fit for the 21st Century?Devereux, Michael P.; Vella, John
2015 The Taxation of Foreign Profits: A Unified ViewDevereux, Michael P.; Fuest, Clemens; Lockwood, Benjamin
2017 Taxes and the location of targetsArulampalam, Wiji; Devereux, Michael P.; Liberini, Federica