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1990 Realistic Cross-Country Consumption Correlations in a Two-Country, Equilibrium, Business Cycle ModelDevereux, Michael B.; Gregory, Allan W.; Smith, Gregor W.
1991 International Risk Sharing and Economic GrowthDevereux, Michael B.; Smith, Gregor W.
1993 Exit and Entry, Increasing Returns to Specialization, and Business CyclesDevereux, Michael B.; Head, Allen C.; Lapham, Beverly J.
1993 The Stability of Economics Integration and Endogenous GrowthDevereux, Michael B.; Lapham, Beverly J.
1993 A Dynamic Model of Trade Union Contract DurationBodman, Philip M.; Devereux, Michael B.
2002 Endogenous exchange rate passthrough when nominal prices are set in advanceDevereux, Michael B.; Engel, Charles; Storgaard, Peter E.
2003 Endogenous Exchange Rate Pass-through when Nominal Prices are Set in AdvanceDevereux, Michael B.; Engel, Charles; Storgaard, Peter E.
2005 Transfer Problem Dynamics: Macroeconomics of the Franco-Prussian War IndemnityDevereux, Michael B.; Smith, Gregor W.
2006 Expenditure switching vs. real exchange rate stabilization: competing objectives for exchange rate policyDevereux, Michael B.; Engel, Charles
2008 Financial globalization and monetary policyDevereux, Michael B.; Sutherland, Alan
2009 Consumption and real exchange rates in professional forecastsDevereux, Michael B.; Smith, Gregor W.; Yetman, James
2014 Real exchange rates and the Balassa-Samuelson effect revisitedDevereux, Michael B.
2015 Exchange Rate Pass-Through, Currency of Invoicing and Market ShareDevereux, Michael B.; Dong, Wei; Tomlin, Ben
2018 Commodity Currencies and Monetary PolicyDevereux, Michael B.; Smith, Gregor W.
2018 Fiscal policy in a currency union at the zero lower boundCook, David; Devereux, Michael B.
2019 Trade flows and exchange rates: Importers, exporters and productsDevereux, Michael B.; Dong, Wei; Tomlin, Ben