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2015 Disadvantage and discrimination in self-employment: Caste gaps in earnings in Indian small businessesDeshpande, Ashwini; Sharma, Smriti
2015 Bad Karma or Discrimination? Male-Female Wage Gaps among Salaried Workers in IndiaDeshpande, Ashwini; Goel, Deepti; Khanna, Shantanu
2016 Double jeopardy? Caste, affirmative action, and stigmaDeshpande, Ashwini
2016 Identity, Perceptions and Institutions: Caste Differences in Earnings from Self-Employment in IndiaGoel, Deepti; Deshpande, Ashwini
2018 Social Identity and Perceived Income AdequacyGoel, Deepti; Deshpande, Ashwini
2020 The Covid-19 Pandemic and Lockdown: First Order Effects on Gender Gaps in Employment and Domestic Time Use in IndiaDeshpande, Ashwini
2020 Is Covid-19 "The Great Leveler"? The Critical Role of Social Identity in Lockdown-induced Job LossesDeshpande, Ashwini; Ramachandran, Rajesh
2020 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Gendered Division of Paid and Unpaid Work: Evidence from IndiaDeshpande, Ashwini
2021 The Impact of Caste: A Missing Link in the Literature on Stunting in IndiaRamachandran, Rajesh; Deshpande, Ashwini
2021 Dropping Out, Being Pushed Out or Can’t Get in? Decoding Declining Labour Force Participation of Indian WomenDeshpande, Ashwini; Singh, Jitendra
2021 Norms that matter: Exploring the distribution of women's work between income generation, expenditure-saving, and unpaid domestic responsibilities in IndiaDeshpande, Ashwini; Kabeer, Naila