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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 The Entrepreneurship-Philanthropy Nexus: Nonmarket Source of American Entrepreneurial CapitalismÁcs, Zoltán J.; Audretsch, David B.; Phillips, Ronnie J.; Desai, Sameeksha
2007 Democratic capitalism and philanthropy in a global economyÁcs, Zoltán J.; Desai, Sameeksha
2007 Post-conflict microfinance: assessment and policy notes for IraqDesai, Sameeksha
2007 A theory of destructive entrepreneurshipDesai, Sameeksha; Ács, Zoltán J.
2007 The entrepreneurship-philanthropy nexus: nonmarket source of American entrepreneurial capitalismÁcs, Zoltán J.; Audretsch, David B.; Phillips, Ronnie J.; Desai, Sameeksha
2008 Measuring the functional efficiency of capital marketsEklund, Johan E.; Desai, Sameeksha
2008 Ownership, economic entrenchment and allocation of capitalEklund, Johan E.; Desai, Sameeksha
2008 What doesentrepreneurshipœ data really show?Ács, Zoltán J.; Desai, Sameeksha; Klapper, Leora
2009 Measuring entrepreneurship in developing countriesDesai, Sameeksha
2009 The good, the bad, and the talented: Entrepreneurial talent and other-regarding behaviorWeitzel, Utz; Urbig, Diemo; Desai, Sameeksha; Ács, Zoltán J.; Sanders, Mark
2010 A model of destructive entrepreneurshipDesai, Sameeksha; Acs, Zoltan; Weitzel, Utz
2012 Energy-based economic development: Mapping the developing country contextCarley, Sanya; Desai, Sameeksha; Bazilian, Morgan
2016 Measuring entrepreneurship: Type, motivation, and growthDesai, Sameeksha