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1997 Extended Partial Orders: A Unifying Structure for Abstract Choice TheoryNehring, Klaus; Demiralp, Selva; Puppe, Clemens
1999 The Pavlovian Response of Term Rates to Fed AnnouncementsJorda, Oscar; Demiralp, Selva
2001 The announcement effect: Evidence from open market desk dataJordà, Òscar; Demiralp, Selva; Liu, Holly; Williams, Jeffrey
2003 Searching for the Causal Structure of a Vector AutoregressionHoover, Kevin D.; Demiralp, Selva
2006 A bootstrap method for identifying and evaluating a structural vector autoregressionHoover, Kevin D.; Demiralp, Selva; Perez, Stephen J.
2008 Monetary policy surprises and the expectations hyothesis at the short of the yield curveDemiralp, Selva
2009 Asymmetric response to monetary policy surprises at the long-end of the yield curveDemiralp, Selva; Yilmaz, Kamil
2009 Money and the transmission of monetary policyCarpenter, Seth; Demiralp, Selva
2009 Provision of liquidity through the primary credit facility during the financial crisis: a structural analysisArtuç, Erhan; Demiralp, Selva
2010 Para politikası beklentilerinin sermaye piyasaları üzerindeki etkisiDemiralp, Selva; Yilmaz, Kamil
2011 Volatility, Money Market Rates, and the Transmission of Monetary PolicyCarpenter, Seth B.; Demiralp, Selva
2011 Monetary policy communication under inflation targeting: Do words speak louder than actions?Demiralp, Selva; Kara, Hakan; Özlü, Pınar
2013 The effectiveness of the non-standard policy measures during the financial crises: the experiences of the federal reserve and the European Central BankCarpenter, Seth; Demiralp, Selva; Eisenschmidt, Jens
2014 Reserve Requirements, Liquidity Risk, and Credit GrowthAlper, Koray; Binici, Mahir; Demiralp, Selva; Kara, Hakan; Özlü, Pınara
2014 The Rational Islamic Actor? Evidence from Islamic BankingDemiralp, Seda; Demiralp, Selva
2015 The State of Property Development in Turkey: Facts and ComparisonsDemiralp, Seda; Demiralp, Selva; Gümüş, İnci
2016 Government support of banks and bank lendingBassett, William F.; Demiralp, Selva; Lloyd, Nathan
2016 Reserve requirements, liquidity risk, and bank lending behaviorAlper, Koray; Binici, Mahir; Demiralp, Selva; Kara, Hakan; Özlü, Pınar
2017 Negative interest rates, excess liquidity and bank business models: Banks' reaction to unconventional monetary policy in the euro areaDemiralp, Selva; Eisenschmidt, J.; Vlassopoulos, T.
2018 How do indirect taxes on tobacco products affect inflation?Çakmaklı, Cem; Demiralp, Selva; Yeşiltaş, Sevcan; Yıldırım, Muhammed Ali