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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Softening Competition by Enhancing Entry: An Example from the Banking IndustryBouckaert, Jan; Degryse, Hans
2004Interbank exposures: an empirical examination of systemic risk in the Belgian banking systemDegryse, Hans; Nguyen, Grégory
2004SMEs and Bank Lending Relationships: the Impact of MergersDegryse, Hans; Masschelein, Nancy; Mitchell, Janet
2004The Impact of Competition on Bank Orientation and Specialization (new titel: The impact of competition on bank orientation)Degryse, Hans; Ongena, Steven
2006Opt in versus opt out: a free-entry analysis of privacy policiesBouckaert, Jan; Degryse, Hans
2006The Impact of Bank and Non-Bank Financial Institutions on Local Economic Growth in ChinaCheng, Xiaoqiang; Degryse, Hans
2007Rules versus discretion in loan rate settingCerqueiro, Geraldo; Degryse, Hans; Ongena, Steven
2007The impact of banks and non-bank financial institutions on local economic growth in ChinaCheng, Xiaogiang; Degryse, Hans
2007Dynamic order submission strategies with competition between a dealer market and a crossing networkDegryse, Hans; Van Achter, Mark; Wuyts, Gunther
2008Enhancing market power by reducing switching costsBouckaert, Jan; Degryse, Hans; Provoost, Thomas
2008Price discrimination bans on dominant firmsBouckaert, Jan; Degryse, Hans; Dijk, Theon van
2009An empirical analysis of legal insider trading in the NetherlandsDegryse, Hans; de Jong , Frank; Lefebvre, Jérémie
2009Staying, dropping, or switching: the impacts of bank mergers on small firmsDegryse, Hans; Masschelein, Nancy; Mitchell, Janet
2012How do banks screen innovative firms? Evidence from start-up panel dataBrown, Martin; Degryse, Hans; Höwer, Daniel; Penas, María Fabiana
2012On the non-exclusivity of loan contracts: An empirical investigationDegryse, Hans; Ioannidou, Vasso; von Schedvin, Erik
2013Informal or formal financing? Or both? First evidence on the co-funding of Chinese firmsDegryse, Hans; Lu, Liping; Ongena, Steven
2013The Political Economy of Financial Systems: Evidence from Suffrage Reforms in the Last Two CenturiesDegryse, Hans; Lambert, Thomas; Schwienbacher, Armin
2013Determinants of banking system fragility: a regional perspectiveDegryse, Hans; Elahi, Muhammad Ather; Penas, María Fabiana
2013Start-up financing: How credit ratings and bank concentration impact credit accessBrown, Martin; Degryse, Hans; Höwer, Daniel; Penas, MarÍa Fabiana
2014When Arm's Length Is Too Far. Relationship Banking over the Business CycleBeck, Thorsten; Degryse, Hans; de Haas, Ralph; van Horen, Neeltje