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2001Is Fiscal Policy Coordination in EMU Desirable?Beetsma, Roel; Debrun, Xavier; Klaassen, Frank
2005Implementing the stability and growth pact: enforcement and procedural flexibilityBeetsma, Roel; Debrun, Xavier
2006Economic reforms in the Euro area: Is there a common agenda?Debrun, Xavier; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2006Making fiscal space happen!: Managing fiscal policy in a world of scaled-up aidHeller, Peter S.; Katz, Menachem; Debrun, Xavier; Thomas, Theo; Koranchelian, Taline
2007Tying hands is not commitment: Can fiscal rules and institutions really enhance fiscal discipline?Debrun, Xavier
2008Government size and output volatility: Should we forsake automatic stabilisation?Debrun, Xavier; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2011Independent Fiscal Councils in Continental Europe: Old Wine in New Bottles?Debrun, Xavier; Takahashi, Keiko
2015Safe public debt: Towards and operational definitionDebrun, Xavier
2017Making the most of the European Fiscal BoardAsatryan, Zareh; Debrun, Xavier; Heinemann, Friedrich; Horvath, Michal; Ódor, Ľudovít; Yeter, Mustafa
2017The political economy of fiscal transparency and independent fiscal councilsBeetsma, Roel; Debrun, Xavier; Sloof, Randolph
2018Under Threat: Rules-Based Fiscal Policy and How to Preserve ItDebrun, Xavier; Jonung, Lars
2018Which Role for a European Minister of Economy and Finance in a European Fiscal Union?Asatryan, Zareh; Debrun, Xavier; Havlik, Annika; Heinemann, Friedrich; Kocher, Martin G.; Tamborini, Roberto