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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999Canadian Immigration Experience: Any Lessons for Europe?DeVoretz, Don J.; Laryea, Samuel A.
2000A Theory of Social Forces and Immigrant Second Language AcquisitionDeVoretz, Don J.; Werner, Christiane
2002How Much Language is Enough? Some Immigrant Language Lessons from Canada and GermanyDeVoretz, Don J.; Hinte, Holger; Werner, Christiane
2003The Recent Economic Performance of Ukrainian Immigrants in Canada and the U.S.Pivnenko, Sergiy; DeVoretz, Don J.
2004The Economic Causes and Consequences of Canadian CitizenshipDeVoretz, Don J.; Pivnenko, Sergiy
2004The Economic Experiences of Refugees in CanadaDeVoretz, Don J.; Pivnenko, Sergiy; Beiser, Morton
2004Immigration Policy : Methods of Economic AssessmentDeVoretz, Don J.
2005Self-Selection, Immigrant Public Finance Performance and Canadian CitizenshipDeVoretz, Don J.; Pivnenko, Sergiy
2005An auction model of Canadian temporary immigration for the 21st centuryDeVoretz, Don J.
2005A model of foreign-born transfers: evidence from Canadian micro dataDeVoretz, Don J.; Vadean, Florin P.
2006Social relations and remittances: evidence from Canadian micro dataDeVoretz, Don J.; Vadean, Florin P.
2006A history of Canadian recruitment of highly skilled immigrants: circa 1980 - 2001DeVoretz, Don J.
2006Chinese immigrants in Vancouver: quo vadis?Guo, Shibao; DeVoretz, Don J.
2006The economics of citizenship: a common intellectual ground for social scientists?DeVoretz, Don J.
2006Profiling at the Canadian border: an economist's viewpointDeVoretz, Don J.
2007Social relations and remittances: Evidence from Canadian micro dataVadean, Florin P.; DeVoretz, Don J.
2007The changing face of Chinese immigrants in CanadaGuo, Shibao; DeVoretz, Don J.
2007The immigration triangle: Quebec, Canada and the rest of the worldDeVoretz, Don J.; Pivnenko, Sergiy
2009Immigrant circulation and citizenship: hotel Canada?DeVoretz, Don J.
2009FSU immigrants in Canada: a case of positive triple selection?DeVoretz, Don J.; Battisti, Michele