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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992Chaos in the Dornbusch Model of the Exchange RateDe Grauwe, Paul; Dewachter, Hans
2001Assessing Monetary Policy in NorwayAndreassen, Harald Magnus; De Grauwe, Paul; Solheim, Haakon; Thøgersen, Øystein
2001Exchange Rates and fundamentals - a Non-Linear Relationship?De Grauwe, Paul; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2002Exchange rate regimes and financial vulnerabilityDe Grauwe, Paul; Grimaldi, Marianna
2002The Exchange Rate in a Model with Heterogeneous Agents and Transactions CostsDe Grauwe, Paul; Grimaldi, Marianna
2002A Model of the Card Payment System and the Interchange FeeDe Grauwe, Paul; Rinaldi, Laura
2002The Exchange Rate and its Fundamentals. A Chaotic PerspectiveDe Grauwe, Paul; Grimaldi, Marianna
2003Bubbling and Crashing Exchange RatesGrimaldi, Marianna; De Grauwe, Paul
2003Globalisation and Social SpendingDe Grauwe, Paul; Polan, Magdalena
2003Monetary Policy in EMU when the Transmission is Asymmetric and UncertainDe Grauwe, Paul; Sénégas, Marc-Alexandre
2004EMU entry strategies for the New Member StatesDe Grauwe, Paul; Schnabl, Gunther
2004Exchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic Stability in Central and Eastern EuropeDe Grauwe, Paul; Schnabl, Gunther
2004The effects of monetary policy : a meta-analysisDe Grauwe, Paul; Costa Storti, Cláudia
2004Bubbles and Crashes in a Behavioural Finance ModelDe Grauwe, Paul; Grimaldi, Marianna
2004Bubbles and Crashes in a Behavioural Finance ModelDe Grauwe, Paul; Grimaldi, Marianna
2004Exchange Rate Puzzles: A Tale of Switching AttractorsDe Grauwe, Paul; Grimaldi, Marianna
2005Is monetary policy in the Eurozone less effective than in the US?De Grauwe, Paul; Storti, Cláudia Costa
2005Fundamental and non-fundamental equilibria in the foreign exchange market : a behavioural finance frameworkDe Grauwe, Paul; Dieci, Roberto; Grimaldi, Marianna
2005Non-linearities in the relation between the exchange rate and its fundamentalsAltavilla, Carlo; De Grauwe, Paul
2005The impact of FX central bank intervention in a noise trading frameworkBeine, Michel; De Grauwe, Paul; Grimaldi, Marianna