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2016 Warrantless arrest laws for domestic violence: How are youth affected?Dasgupta, Kabir; Pacheco, Gail
2016 Youth Response to State Cyberbullying LawsDasgupta, Kabir
2017 Family Size Effects on Child Health: Evidence on the Quantity-Quality Trade-off using the NLSYDasgupta, Kabir; T.-Solomon, Keisha
2018 Evaluating the Impact of Mothers' Self-esteem on Early Childhood Home Environment: Evidence from NLSYDas, Tirthatanmoy; Dasgupta, Kabir
2018 The impact of smoking during pregnancy on children's body weightDasgupta, Kabir; Ghimire, Keshar M.; Pacheco, Gail
2019 The Effect of Interest Rate Caps on Bankruptcy: Synthetic Control Evidence from Recent Payday Lending BansDasgupta, Kabir; Mason, Brenden J.
2020 The Devil is in the Details: Identifying the Unbiased Link between Access to Alcohol and Criminal BehaviorDasgupta, Kabir; Erwin, Christopher; Plum, Alexander
2020 Human Capital Formation and Changes in Low Pay PersistenceDasgupta, Kabir; Plum, Alexander
2020 Impact of State Children's Health Insurance Program on Fertility of Immigrant WomenDasgupta, Kabir; Ghimire, Keshar; Plum, Alexander
2020 Heterogeneity in Criminal Behavior after Child Birth: The Role of EthnicityDasgupta, Kabir; Diegmann, André; Kirchmaier, Tom; Plum, Alexander
2021 Is It Time to Let go of the Past? Effect of Clean Slate Regulation on Employment and EarningsDasgupta, Kabir; Ghimire, Keshar; Plum, Alexander
2022 Skills, Economic Crises and the Labour MarketDasgupta, Kabir; Plum, Alexander
2022 State Dependence in Immunization and the Role of Discouraging InformationDasgupta, Kabir; Pacheco, Gail; Plum, Alexander