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2015 The grand divergence: Global and European current account surplusesDarvas, Zsolt M.
2015 Filling the gap: Open economy considerations for more reliable potential output estimatesDarvas, Zsolt M.; Simon, András
2015 The financial stability risks of ultra-loose monetary policyClaeys, Grégory; Darvas, Zsolt M.
2015 The effects of ultra-loose monetary policies on inequalityClaeys, Grégory; Darvas, Zsolt M.; Leandro, Álvaro; Walsh, Thomas
2015 The limitations of policy coordination in the euro area under the European SemesterDarvas, Zsolt M.; Leandro, Álvaro
2015 Poor and under pressure: The social impact of Europe's fiscal consolidationDarvas, Zsolt M.; Tschekassin, Olga
2016 Reforms to the European Union financial supervisory and regulatory architecture and their implications for AsiaDarvas, Zsolt M.; Schoenmaker, Dirk; Véron, Nicolas
2016 A proposal to revive the European fiscal frameworkClaeys, Grégory; Darvas, Zsolt M.; Leandro, Álvaro
2017 Regional and global financial safety nets: The recent European experience and its implications for regional cooperation in AsiaDarvas, Zsolt M.
2017 Returns on foreign assets and liabilities: Exorbitant privileges and stabilising adjustmentsDarvas, Zsolt M.; Hüttl, Pia
2019 With or without you: Are central European countries ready for the euro?Darvas, Zsolt M.
2019 A new look at net balances in the European Union's next multiannual budgetDarvas, Zsolt M.
2020 Forecasting exchange rates of major currencies with long maturity forward ratesDarvas, Zsolt M.; Schepp, Zoltán
2020 Resisting deglobalisation- the case of EuropeDarvas, Zsolt M.
2020 The economic growth and income distribution implications of public spending and tax decisionsDarvas, Zsolt M.
2020 From climate change to cyber-attacks: Incipient financial-stability risks for the euro areaDarvas, Zsolt M.; Domínguez-Jiménez, Marta; Wolff, Guntram B.
2021 The nonsense of next generation EU net balance calculationsDarvas, Zsolt M.
2021 European Union cohesion project characteristics and regional economic growthDarvas, Zsolt M.; Mazza, Jan; Midões, Catarina
2021 The unequal inequality impact of the COVID-19 pandemicDarvas, Zsolt M.