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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 New business models for electric cars: A holistic approachLerch, Christian; Kley, Fabian; Dallinger, David
2010 Optimisation algorithms for the charge dispatch of plug-in vehicles based on variable tariffsLink, Jochen; Büttner, Markus; Dallinger, David; Richter, Julius
2010 Evaluation of European electric vehicle support schemesKley, Fabian; Wietschel, Martin; Dallinger, David
2010 Optimizing the charge profile: Considering users' driving profilesKley, Fabian; Dallinger, David; Wietschel, Martin
2010 Vehicle-to-grid regulation based on a dynamic simulation of mobility behaviorDallinger, David; Krampe, Daniel; Wietschel, Martin
2011 Grid integration of intermittent renewable energy sources using price-responsive plug-in electric vehiclesDallinger, David; Wietschel, Martin
2011 An economic analysis of used electric vehicle batteries integrated into commercial building microgridsBeer, Sebastian; Gómez, Tomás; Dallinger, David; Momber, Ilan; Marnay, Chris
2011 Optimizing plug-in electric vehicle charging in interaction with a small office buildingMomber, Ilan; Dallinger, David; Beer, Sebastian; Gomez, Tomás; Wietschel, Martin
2012 Integration of intermittent renewable power supply using grid-connected vehicles: A 2030 case study for California and GermanyDallinger, David; Schubert, Gerda; Wietschel, Martin
2013 The contribution of vehicle-to-grid to balance fluctuating generation: Comparing different battery ageing approachesDallinger, David
2013 Smart grid agent: Plug-in electric vehicleDallinger, David; Link, Jochen; Büttner, Markus
2013 On-board meteringDallinger, David; Funke, Simon; Wietschel, Martin
2015 Plug-in electric vehicles automated charging controlDallinger, David; Kohrs, Robert; Mierau, Michael; Marwitz, Simon; Wesche, Julius