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1985 Markov Chains Generated By Maximizing Components of Multidimensional Extremal ProcessesDagsvik, John K.
1987 Fuel Choice and the Demand for Natural Gas in Western European HouseholdsBartlett, Sarita; Dagsvik, John K.; Olsen, Øystein; Strøm, Steinar
1987 Stochastic Properties and Functional Forms in Life CycleDagsvik, John K.; Aaberge, Rolf
1987 Econometric Analysis of Labor Supply in a Life Cycle Context with UncertaintyDagsvik, John K.
1987 A Modification of Heckman's Two Stage Estimation Procedure that is Applicable when the Budget Set is ConvexDagsvik, John K.
1988 A Labor Supply Model for Married Couples with Non Convex Budget Sets and Latent RationingDagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar
1988 Non Convex Budget Set, Hours Restrictions and Labor Supply in SwedenAnderson, Irene A. K.; Dagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar; Wennemo, Tom
1988 The Continuous Generalized Extreme Value Model with Special Reference to Static Models of Labor SupplyDagsvik, John K.
1990 Labor Supply, Income Distribution and Excess Burden of Personal Income Taxation in NorwayAaberge, Rolf; Dagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar
1990 Labor Supply, Income Distribution and Excess Burden of Personal Income Taxation in SwedenAaberge, Rolf; Dagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar
1991 Household Production, Consumption and Time Allocation in PeruDagsvik, John K.; Aaberge, Rolf
1991 Inequality in Distribution of Hours of Work and Consumption in PeruAaberge, Rolf; Dagsvik, John K.
1992 Labor Supply with Non Convex Budget Sets, Hours Restriction and Non Pecuniary Job AttributesDagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar
1992 Intertemporal Discrete Choice, Random Tastes and Functional FormDagsvik, John K.
1993 Choice Probabilities and Equilibrium Conditions in a Matching Market with Flexible ContractsDagsvik, John K.
1993 Discrete and Continuous Choice, Max Stable Processes and Independence from Irrelevant AttributesDagsvik, John K.
1993 How Large is the Class of Generalized Extreme Value Random Utility Models?Dagsvik, John K.
1995 Probabilistic Choice Models for Uncertain OutcomesDagsvik, John K.
1996 Potential Demand for Alternative Fuel VehiclesDagsvik, John K.; Wetterwald, Dag G.; Aaberge, Rolf
1996 Consumer Demand with Unobservable Product Attributes - Part I: TheoryDagsvik, John K.