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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Economic relations between the EU and CIS (an overview)Dabrowski, Marek
2007 EMU enlargement: A progress reportDabrowski, Marek
2008 Policy challenges faced by low-income CIS economiesDabrowski, Marek
2008 The Global Financial Crisis: Causes, Anti-Crisis Policies and First LessonsDabrowski, Marek
2009 The global financial crisis: Lessons for European IntegrationDabrowski, Marek
2010 The global financial crisis and its impact on emerging market economies in Europe and the CIS: Evidence from mid-2010Dabrowski, Marek
2010 Challenges and trajectories of fiscal policy and PFM reform in CEE/CISAndjelkovic, Branka; Chubrik, Alexandr; Dabrowski, Marek; Mogilevskiy, Roman; Sinitsina, Irina; Wozniak, Przemyslaw
2011 Euro Crisis or Fiscal Crisis: Looking for the Right Diagnosis and TherapyDabrowski, Marek
2011 The impact of the global financial crisis on public expenditures on education and health in the economies of the former Soviet UnionChubrik, Alexander; Dabrowski, Marek; Mogilevsky, Roman; Sinitsina, Irina
2012 Fiscal and monetary policy determinants of the Eurozone crisis and its resolutionDabrowski, Marek
2012 The Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Ukraine: Conceptual background, economic context and potential impactDabrowski, Marek; Taran, Svitlana
2013 Fiscal or bailout union: Where is the EUDabrowski, Marek
2013 Monetary policy regimes in CIS economies and their ability to provide price and financial stabilityDabrowski, Marek
2013 The relationship between energy and socio-economic development in the Southern and Eastern MediterraneanBergasse, Emmanuel; Paczynski, Wojciech; Dabrowski, Marek; De Wulf, Luc
2013 Economic development, trade and investment in the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean regionDabrowski, Marek; De Wulf, Luc
2014 EU cooperation with non-member neighboring countries: The principle of variable geometryDabrowski, Marek
2014 Macroeconomic and fiscal challenges faced by the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean regionDabrowski, Marek
2014 Ukraine: Can meaningful reform come out of conflict?Dabrowski, Marek
2015 It's not just Russia: Currency crisis in the Commonwealth of Independent StatesDabrowski, Marek
2015 The harsh reality of Ukraine's fiscal arithmeticDabrowski, Marek