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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Theoretical perspective on rebound effects from a social science point of view: Working paper to prepare empirical psychological and sociological studies in the REBOUND projectPeters, Anja; Sonnberger, Marco; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Deuschle, Jürgen
2012 Variable Stromtarife aus Kundensicht: Akzeptanzstudie auf Basis einer Conjoint-AnalyseDütschke, Elisabeth; Unterländer, Michael; Wietschel, Martin
2012 Roadmap zur Kundenakzeptanz: Zentrale Ergebnisse der sozialwissenschaftlichen Begleitforschung in den ModellregionenDütschke, Elisabeth; Schneider, Uta; Sauer, Andreas; Wietschel, Martin; Hoffmann, Jana; Domke, Sabine
2013 Who will use electric vehicles?Dütschke, Elisabeth; Schneider, Uta; Peters, Anja
2014 Citizens' perceptions of justice in international climate policy: Empirical insights from China, Germany and the USSchleich, Joachim; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Schwirplies, Claudia; Ziegler, Andreas
2014 Citizens' perceptions of justice in international climate policy: An empirical analysisSchleich, Joachim; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Schwirplies, Claudia; Ziegler, Andreas
2014 A brighter future? Quantifying the rebound effect in energy efficient lightingSchleich, Joachim; Mills, Bradford; Dütschke, Elisabeth
2016 How to trigger mass market adoption of electric vehicles? Factors predicting interest in electric vehicles in GermanyWesche, Julius P.; Plötz, Patrick; Dütschke, Elisabeth
2017 Consumers' willingness to offset their CO2 emissions from traveling: A discrete choice analysis of framing and provider contributionsSchwirplies, Claudia; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Schleich, Joachim; Ziegler, Andreas
2017 Why are individuals likely to change to sustainable modes of transport like carsharing and electric vehicles? An empirical analysisDütschke, Elisabeth; Peters, Anja
2018 Consumer evaluation of public charging infrastructure for electric vehiclesGlobisch, Joachim; Plötz, Patrick; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Wietschel, Martin
2018 Moral licensing: Another source of rebound?Dütschke, Elisabeth; Frondel, Manuel; Schleich, Joachim; Vance, Colin
2019 Moral licensing and rebound effects in the residential lighting area: An experimental studyEberling, Elisabeth; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Eckartz, Katharina Marie; Schuler, Johannes
2020 Social acceptance of electric mobility in GermanyBurghard, Uta; Scherrer, Aline; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Globisch, Joachim