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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1980An assessment of research on arms accumulation along with some suggested guidelinesCusack, Thomas R.
1980Total spending by government: An evaluation of some alternative modelsCusack, Thomas R.
1981The sinews of power: Labor and capital in the production of national military force capabilityCusack, Thomas R.
1981The economic burden of defense: A comparative studyCusack, Thomas R.
1982Government resource allocation in globus: Budget structure and processesCusack, Thomas R.
1983Die Lasten der Verteidigung: eine vergleichende UntersuchungCusack, Thomas R.
1984The evolution of power, threat, and security: Past and potential developmentsCusack, Thomas R.
1984One problem, three solutions: A simulation analysis of alternative Western defense policy optionsCusack, Thomas R.
1985Contention and compromise: A comparative analysis of budgetary politicsCusack, Thomas R.
1987Public expenditure decision making: A comparative analysisCusack, Thomas R.
1987Government budget processesCusack, Thomas R.
1988The management of power in a warring state system: An evaluation of balancing, collective security and laissez-faire policiesCusack, Thomas R.
1989On the domestic political-economic sources of American military spendingCusack, Thomas R.
1990Realpolitik and multistate system stabilityCusack, Thomas R.
1991The changing contours of governmentCusack, Thomas R.
1992The dynamics of public spendingCusack, Thomas R.
1995Politics and macroeconomic performance in the OECD countriesCusack, Thomas R.
1995Partisan politics and public finance: changes in public spending in the industrialized democracies, 1955-1989Cusack, Thomas R.
1997On the road to Weimar? The political economy of popular satisfaction with government and regime performance in GermanyCusack, Thomas R.
1997Social capital, institutional structures, and democratic performance: A comparative study of German local governmentsCusack, Thomas R.