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2009 Managing Household Waste in Ireland: Behavioural Parameters and Policy OptionsCurtis, John; Lyons, Seán; O'Callaghan-Platt, Abigail
2013 Climate policy, interconnection and carbon leakage: The effect of unilateral UK policy on electricity and GHG emissions in IrelandCurtis, John; Di Cosmo, Valeria; Deane, Paul
2014 Estimating building energy ratings for the residential building stock: Location and occupancyCurtis, John; Devitt, Niamh; Whelan, Adele
2014 The effects of wind generation capacity on electricity prices and generation costs: A Monte Carlo analysisLynch, Muireann Á.; Curtis, John
2014 Changes in household fuel expenditure associated with improvements in building energy efficiencyCurtis, John; Pentecost, Anne
2015 Water quality and recreational angling demand in IrelandCurtis, John; Stanley, Brian
2016 Value for money in energy efficiency retrofits in Ireland: Grant provider and grant recipientsCollins, Matthew; Curtis, John
2016 The timing and other determinants of gas central heating adoptionMcCoy, Daire; Curtis, John
2016 Fisheries management for different angler typesCurtis, John; Breen, Benjamin
2017 Advertising and investment spillovers in the diffusion of residential energy efficiency renovationsCollins, Matthew; Curtis, John
2017 The : A travel cost method estimation of demand for two destination salmon rivers in IrelandGrilli, Gianluca; Landgraf, Gavin; Curtis, John; Hynes, Stephen