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2017The stable roommates problem with short listsCseh, Ágnes; Irving, Robert W.; Manlove, David F.
2017Popular matchings with two-sided preferences and one-sided tiesCseh, Ágnes; Huang, Chien-Chung; Kavitha, Telikepalli
2017Matchings with lower quotas: Algorithms and complexityArulselvan, Ashwin; Cseh, Ágnes; Groß, Martin; Manlove, David F.; Matuschke, Jannik
2017Popular edges and dominant matchingsCseh, Ágnes; Kavitha, Telikepalli
2018The complexity of cake cutting with unequal sharesCseh, Ágnes; Fleiner, Tamás
2018Organizing time banks: Lessons from matching marketsAndersson, Tommy; Cseh, Ágnes; Ehlers, Lars H.; Erlanson, Albin
2018New and simple algorithms for stable flow problemsCseh, Ágnes; Matuschke, Jannik
2018Paths to stable allocationsCseh, Ágnes; Skutella, Martin
2019Optimal kidney exchange with immunosuppressantsAziz, Haris; Cseh, Ágnes
2020The stable marriage problem with ties and restricted edgesCseh, Ágnes; Heeger, Klaus
2020Understanding popular matchings via stable matchingsCseh, Ágnes; Faenza, Yuri; Kavitha, Telikepalli; Powers, Vladlena
2020Popular matchings in complete graphsCseh, Ágnes; Kavitha, Telikepalli
2020A quest for a fair schedule: The young physicists' tournamentCechlárová, Katarína; Cseh, Ágnes; Jankó, Zsuzsanna; Kires, Marián; Mino, Lukás
2020Pairwise preferences in the stable marriage problemCseh, Ágnes; Juhos, Attila
2020Pareto optimal coalitions of fixed sizeCseh, Ágnes; Fleiner, Tamás; Harján, Petra