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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 An intuitive guide to wavelets for economistsCrowley, Patrick M.
2005 Decomposing the co-movement of the business cycle: a time-frequency analysis of growth cycles in the euro areaCrowley, Patrick M.; Lee, Jim
2006 How hard is the euro area core? An evaluation of growth cycles using wavelet analysisCrowley, Patrick M.; Maraun, Douglas; Mayes, David
2008 One money, several cycles? Evaluation of European business cycles using model-based cluster analysisCrowley, Patrick M.
2009 Evaluating the stresses from ECB monetary policy in the euro areaLee, Jim; Crowley, Patrick M.
2009 How do you make a time series sing like a choir? Using the Hilbert-Huang transform to extract embedded frequencies from economic or financial time seriesCrowley, Patrick M.
2009 An analysis of the embedded frequency content of macroeconomic indicators and their counterparts using the Hilbert-Huang transformCrowley, Patrick M.; Schildt, Tony
2010 A new approach to analyzing convergence and synchronicity in growth and business cycles: Cross recurrence plots and quantification analysisCrowley, Patrick M.; Schultz, Aaron
2010 Long cycles in growth: explorations using new frequency domain techniques with US dataCrowley, Patrick M.
2011 The great moderation under the microscope: decomposition of macroeconomic cycles in US and UK aggregate demandCrowley, Patrick M.; Hallett, Andrew Hughes
2013 Assessing the exchange rate exposure of US multinationalsCrowley, Patrick M.; Habibdoust, Amir
2013 Is Europe growing together or growing apart?Crowley, Patrick M.; Garcia, Enrique; Chee-Heong, Quah
2014 Fiscal policy tracking design in the time frequency domain using wavelet analysisCrowley, Patrick M.; Hudgins, David
2015 Euro area monetary and fiscal policy tracking design in the time-frequency domainCrowley, Patrick M.; Hudgins, David
2015 Are monetary unions more synchronous than non-monetary unions?Crowley, Patrick M.; Trombley, Christopher
2016 Analysis of the balance between U.S. monetary and fiscal policy using simulated wavelet-based optimal tracking controlCrowley, Patrick M.; Hudgins, David
2017 Modelling a small open economy using a wavelet-based control modelHudgins, David; Crowley, Patrick M.
2019 U.S. Macroeconomic Policy Evaluation in an Open Economy Context using Wavelet Decomposed Optimal Control MethodsCrowley, Patrick M.; Hudgins, David
2019 The evolution of US and UK GDP components in the time-frequency domain: A continuous wavelet analysisCrowley, Patrick M.; Hughes Hallett, Andrew
2020 How effective is the Taylor rule? Some insights from the time-frequency domainCrowley, Patrick M.; Hudgins, David