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2007Commodity prices, money and inflationBrowne, Frank; Cronin, David
2014Interaction in euro area sovereign bond markets during the financial crisisCronin, David
2017The cyclicality of Irish fiscal policy ex-ante and ex-post: A cross-country examinationCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2017Credit conditions and tenure choice: A cross-country examinationCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2018How effective are sovereign bond-backed securities as a spillover prevention device?Cronin, David; Dunne, Peter G.
2018A Two-Agent Model of InflationBrowne, Frank; Cronin, David
2019Have Irish sovereign bonds decoupled from the euro area periphery, and why?Cronin, David; Dunne, Peter G.; McQuinn, Kieran
2019Have Sovereign Bond Market Relationships Changed in the Euro Area? Evidence from ItalyCronin, David; Dunne, Peter
2020The (pro-)cyclicality of government consumption in the EU and official expectations of future output growth: New evidenceCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2020Are official forecasts of output growth in the EU still biased?Cronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2020Fiscal policy and growth forecasts in the EU: Are official forecasters still misestimating fiscal multipliers?Cronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2021Household consumption and the housing net worth channel in IrelandCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2021Labour market fluctuations and the housing net worth channel in the EUCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2021House Prices and the Credit-Driven Household Demand Channel: The Case of the Irish EconomyCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2022The housing net worth channel and the public finances: Evidence from a European country panelCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran