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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Entry and Quality Choices in Child Care MarketsBastos, Paulo; Cristia, Julian
2011 Does Contracting-Out Primary Care Services Work? The Case of Rural GuatemalaCristia, Julian; Evans, William; Kim, Beomsoo
2011 Does Energy Consumption Respond to Price Shocks? Evidence from a Regression-Discontinuity DesignBastos, Paulo; Castro, Lucio; Cristia, Julian; Scartascini, Carlos
2012 Home Computers and Child Outcomes: Short-Term Impacts from a Randomized Experiment in PeruBeuermann, Diether; Cristia, Julian; Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu; Cueto, Santiago; Malamud, Ofer
2012 Access to Preprimary Education and Progression in Primary School: Evidence from Rural GuatemalaBastos, Paulo; Bottan, Nicolas; Cristia, Julian
2012 Technology and Child Development: Evidence from the One Laptop per Child ProgramCristia, Julian; Ibarraran, Pablo; Cueto, Santiago; Santiago, Ana; Severin, Eugenio
2014 The Effects of Shared School Technology Access on Students’ Digital Skills in PeruBet, German; Cristia, Julian; Ibarraran, Pablo
2014 Does Technology in Schools Affect Repetition, Dropout and Enrollment? Evidence from PeruCristia, Julian; Czerwonko, Alejo; Garofalo, Pablo
2018 Do children benefit from internet access? Experimental evidence from a developing countryMalamud, Ofer; Cueto, Santiago; Cristia, Julian; Beuermann, Diether W.
2018 Do Children Benefit from Internet Access? Experimental Evidence from PeruMalamud, Ofer; Cueta, Santiago; Cristia, Julian; Beuermann, Diether W.
2019 ¿Funciona la gamificación en la educación? Evidencia experimental de ChileAraya, Roberto; Arias Ortiz, Elena; Bottan, Nicolas L.; Cristia, Julian
2019 Does gamification in education work? Experimental evidence from ChileAraya, Roberto; Arias Ortiz, Elena; Bottan, Nicolas L.; Cristia, Julian