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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Occupational pension value in the public and private sectorsCrawford, Rowena; Emmerson, Carl; Tetlow, Gemma
2012 Expectations and experiences of retirement in defined contribution pensions: A study of older people in EnglandCrawford, Rowena; Tetlow, Gemma
2012 The adequacy of wealth among those approaching retirementCrawford, Rowena; O'Dea, Cormac
2012 The effect of the financial crisis on older households in EnglandBanks, James; Crawford, Rowena; Crossley, Thomas; Emmerson, Carl
2012 Do up-front tax incentives affect private pension saving in the United Kingdom?Crawford, Rowena; Disney, Richard; Emmerson, Carl
2013 A single-tier pension: What does it really mean?Crawford, Rowena; Keynes, Soumaya; Tetlow, Gemma
2013 Fiscal sustainability of an independent ScotlandAmior, Michael; Crawford, Rowena; Tetlow, Gemma
2013 The outlook for higher education spending by the department for business, innovation and skillsCrawford, Claire; Crawford, Rowena; Jin, Wenchao
2013 Reform of ill-health retirement of police in England and Wales: Impact on pension liabilities and the role of local financeCrawford, Rowena; Disney, Richard
2013 The UK's public finances in the long run: The IFS modelAmior, Michael; Crawford, Rowena; Tetlow, Gemma
2014 From me to you? How the UK state pension system redistributesCrawford, Rowena; Keynes, Soumaya; Tetlow, Gemma
2014 Estimating the public cost of student loansCrawford, Claire; Crawford, Rowena; Jin, Wenchao
2014 Retirement sorted? The adequacy and optimality of wealth among the near-retiredCrawford, Rowena; O'Dea, Cormac
2014 Cash and pensions: Have the elderly in England saved optimally for retirementCrawford, Rowena; O'Dea, Cormac
2015 Wage regulation and the quality of police officer recruitsCrawford, Rowena; Disney, Richard
2015 The evolution of wealth in Great Britain: 2006-08 to 2010-12Crawford, Rowena; Innes, Davis; O'Dea, Cormac
2015 A tale of three distributions: Inheritances, wealth and lifetime incomeCrawford, Rowena; Hood, Andrew
2015 The short run elasticity of National Health Service nurses' labour supply in Great BritainCrawford, Rowena; Disney, Richard; Emmerson, Carl
2017 The prevalence and dynamics of social care receiptCrawford, Rowena; Stoye, George
2018 A review of the Department of Health and Social Care's Funding Reform ModelCrawford, Rowena; Simpson, Polly