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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Does cost sharing really reduce inappropriate prescriptions?Costa-i-Font, Joan; Gemmill-Toyama, Marin
2011 How significant are fiscal interactions in federations? A meta-regression analysisCosta-i-Font, Joan; De-Albuquerque, Filipe; Doucouliagos, Hristos
2011 Regional and institutional heterogeneity matters!: Revisiting trade effects of the euroCosta-i-Font, Joan
2013 A 'Health Kuznets' Curve'? Cross-Country and Longitudinal EvidenceCosta-i-Font, Joan; Hernandez-Quevedo, Cristina; Sato, Azusa
2013 Measuring Health Inequality with Categorical Data: Some Regional PatternsCosta-i-Font, Joan; Cowell, Frank
2013 Social Identity and Redistributive Preferences: A SurveyCosta-i-Font, Joan; Cowell, Frank
2014 Crowding Out of Long-Term Care Insurance: Evidence from European Expectations DataCosta-i-Font, Joan; Courbage, Christophe
2014 Financing Long-Term Care: Ex-ante, Ex-post or Both?Costa-i-Font, Joan; Courbage, Christophe; Swartz, Katherine
2014 Furthering sub-central autonomy in Europe? The roles of identity and redistributionCosta-i-Font, Joan
2014 'Globesity'? The Effects of Globalization on Obesity and Caloric IntakeCosta-i-Font, Joan; Mas, Núria
2014 Anthropometric Dividends of Czechoslovakia's Break UpCosta-i-Font, Joan; Kossarova, Lucia
2015 Informal Care and the Great RecessionCosta-i-Font, Joan; Karlsson, Martin; Øien, Henning
2015 When Does Inter-Jurisdictional Competition Engender a "Race to the Bottom"? A Meta-Regression AnalysisCosta-i-Font, Joan; De-Albuquerque, Filipe; Doucouliagos, Hristos
2015 Is Medicines Parallel Trade "Regulatory Arbitrage'"?Costa-i-Font, Joan
2015 European Identity and Redistributive PreferencesCosta-i-Font, Joan; Cowell, Frank
2015 Vertical Transmission of Overweight: Evidence from English AdopteesCosta-i-Font, Joan; Jofre-Bonet, Mireia; Le Grand, Julian
2015 Do You Have to Win It to Fix It? A Longitudinal Study of Lottery Winners and Their Health Care DemandCheng, Terence Chai; Costa-i-Font, Joan; Powdthavee, Nattavudh
2015 Long Term Care Partnerships: Are they 'Fit for Purpose'?Bergquist, Savannah; Costa-i-Font, Joan; Swartz, Katherine
2016 Like Mother, Like Father? Gender Assortative Transmission of Child OverweightCosta-i-Font, Joan; Jofre-Bonet, Mireia
2016 Regional Health Care Decentralization in Unitary States: Equal Spending, Equal Satisfaction?Costa-i-Font, Joan; Turati, Gilberto