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2001Income distribution policies for faster poverty reductionAddison, Tony; Cornia, Giovanni Andrea
2001The impact of adjustment-related social funds on income distribution and povertyCornia, Giovanni Andrea; Reddy, Sanjay
2001Trends in income distribution in the post- World War II period: Evidence and interpretationCornia, Giovanni Andrea; Kiiski, Sampsa
2003The Impact of Liberalisation and Globalisation on Income Inequality in Developing and Transitional EconomiesCornia, Giovanni Andrea
2003Income distribution changes and their impact in the post- World War II periodCornia, Giovanni Andrea; Addison, Tony; Kiiski, Sampsa
2006Health improvements and health inequality during the last 40 yearsCornia, Giovanni Andrea; Menchini, Leonardo
2008Globalization and health: Impact pathways and recent evidenceCornia, Giovanni Andrea; Rosignoli, Stefano; Tiberti, Luca
2010Transition, structural divergence, and performance: Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union over 2000-2007Cornia, Giovanni Andrea
2011A new fiscal pact, tax policy changes and income inequality: Latin America during the last decadeCornia, Giovanni Andrea; Gómez-Sabaini, Juan Carlos; Martorano, Bruno
2012Inequality trends and their determinants: Latin America over 1990 - 2010Cornia, Giovanni Andrea
2015Income inequality in Latin America: Recent decline and prospects for its further reductionCornia, Giovanni Andrea
2016The mortality crisis in transition economiesCornia, Giovanni Andrea