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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Standard errors of marginal effects in the heteroskedastic probit modelCornelißen, Thomas
2005 Downward wage rigidity and labour mobilityCornelißen, Thomas; Hübler, Olaf
2006 Downward Wage Rigidity and Job MobilityCornelißen, Thomas; Hübler, Olaf
2006 Job characteristics as determinants of job satisfaction and labour mobilityCornelißen, Thomas
2007 Cyclical effects on job-to-job mobility: an aggregated analysis on microeconomic dataCornelißen, Thomas; Hübler, Olaf; Schneck, Stefan
2007 The Impact of Participation in Sports on Educational Attainment: New Evidence from GermanyCornelißen, Thomas; Pfeifer, Christian
2007 The impact of participation in sports on educational attainment: new evidence from GermanyCornelißen, Thomas; Pfeifer, Christian
2007 Unobserved individual and firm heterogeneity in wage and tenure functions: evidence from German linked employer-employee dataCornelißen, Thomas; Hübler, Olaf
2008 Marginal effects in the probit model with a triple dummy variable interaction termCornelißen, Thomas; Sonderhof, Katja
2008 Performance Pay, Risk Attitudes and Job SatisfactionCornelißen, Thomas; Heywood, John S.; Jirjahn, Uwe
2008 Betriebliche Reorganisation, Entlohnung und BeschäftigungsstabilitätBellmann, Lutz; Cornelißen, Thomas; Hübler, Olaf; Pahnke, André
2010 September 11th and the Earnings of Muslims in Germany: The Moderating Role of Education and Firm SizeCornelißen, Thomas; Jirjahn, Uwe
2012 Fairness spillovers: The case of taxationCornelißen, Thomas; Himmler, Oliver; Koenig, Tobias
2016 From Late to MTE: Alternative Methods for the Evaluation of Policy InterventionsCornelißen, Thomas; Dustmann, Christian; Raute, Anna; Schönberg, Uta
2018 Who benefits from universal child care? Estimating marginal returns to early child care attendanceCornelißen, Thomas; Dustmann, Christian; Raute, Anna; Schönberg, Uta