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2009 Impending US spending bust? The role of housing wealth as borrowing collateralCooper, Daniel
2009 Did easy credit lead to overspending? Home equity borrowing and household behavior in the early 2000sCooper, Daniel
2010 Imputing household spending in the panel study of income dynamics: A comparison of approachesCooper, Daniel
2011 House price growth when kids are teenagers: a path to higher intergenerational achievement?Cooper, Daniel; Luengo-Prado, María José
2012 Cyclical and sectoral transitions in the US housing marketCooper, Daniel; Bachmann, Rüdiger
2013 Wealth shocks and macroeconomic dynamicsCooper, Daniel; Dynan, Karen
2013 Changes in US household balance sheet behavior after the housing bust and Great Recession: Evidence from panel dataCooper, Daniel
2014 The ins and arounds in the U.S. housing marketBachmann, Rüdiger; Cooper, Daniel
2014 House price growth when children are teenagers: A path to higher earnings?Cooper, Daniel; Luengo-Prado, María José
2014 The effect of unemployment duration on future earnings and other outcomesCooper, Daniel
2016 Monetary policy and regional house-price appreciationCooper, Daniel; Luengo-Prado, María José; Olivei, Giovanni
2016 Household formation over time: Evidence from two cohorts of young adultsCooper, Daniel; Luengo-Prado, María José
2017 The local aggregate effects of minimum wage increasesCooper, Daniel; Luengo-Prado, Maria José; Parker, Jonathan A.
2018 The effects of changes in local-bank health on household consumptionCooper, Daniel; Peek, Joe