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2001 The Effect of Child Care Costs on the Labor Force Participation and Welfare Recipiency of Single Mothers: Implications for Welfare ReformConnelly, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean
2006 Is mothers' time with their children home production or leisure?Kimmel, Jean; Connelly, Rachel
2007 The role of nonstandard work hours in maternal caregiving for young childrenConnelly, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean
2007 Spousal influences on parents' non-market time choicesConnelly, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean
2009 Childcare, eldercare, and labor force participation of married women in urban China: 1982 - 2000Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Connelly, Rachel; Lan, Chen; Tang, Lixin
2013 If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands: How Do Mothers and Fathers Really Feel about Child Caregiving?Connelly, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean
2014 The Role of Coresidency with Adult Children in the Labor Force Participation Decisions of Older Men and Women in ChinaConnelly, Rachel; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Zhang, Dandan
2014 Coresidency, Ethnicity, and Happiness of China's Rural EldersConnelly, Rachel; Iannotti, Michael; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Zhang, Dandan
2015 What Will You Do If I Say 'I Do'?: The Effect of the Sex Ratio on Time Use within Taiwanese Married CouplesChang, Simon; Connelly, Rachel; Ma, Ping
2015 Left Behind, At Risk, and Vulnerable Elders in Rural China: What the RUMIC Data Reveal about the Extent, Causes, and Consequences of Being Left BehindConnelly, Rachel; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret
2015 Do Negative Native-Place Stereotypes Lead to Discriminatory Wage Penalties in China's Migrant Labor Markets?Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Connelly, Rachel; Thi Tran, Ngoc-Han
2015 Cultural and Ethnic Differences in the Transitions from Work to "Retirement" of Rural Elders in China's Minority RegionsConnelly, Rachel; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret