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2000 Can green lobbies replace a world environmental organisation?Conconi, Paola
2000 Issue linkage and issue tie-in in multilateral negotiationsConconi, Paola; Perroni, Carlo
2001 Issue Linkage and Issue Tie-in in Multilateral NegotiationsConconi, Paola; Perroni, Carlo
2003 Self-Enforcing International Agreements and Domestic Policy CredibilityConconi, Paola; Perroni, Carlo
2007 Women's Earning Power and the "Double Burden" of Market and Household WorkChen, Natalie; Conconi, Paola; Perroni, Carlo
2010 The internationalization process of firms: From exports to FDI?Conconi, Paola; Sapir, André; Zanardi, Maurizio
2012 The political economy of trade and migration: Evidence from the US CongressConconi, Paola; Facchini, Giovanni; Steinhardt, Max Friedrich; Zanardi, Maurizio
2013 The political economy of trade and migration:Evidence from the U.S. CongressSteinhardt, Max; Conconi, Paola; Facchini, Giovanni; Zanardi, Maurizio
2015 Suspiciously timed trade disputesConconi, Paola; DeRemer, David R.; Kirchsteiger, Georg; Trimarchi, Lorenzo; Zanardi, Maurizio
2018 Guns, Environment, and Abortion: How Single-Minded Voters Shape Politicians' DecisionsBouton, Laurent; Conconi, Paola; Pino, Francisco; Zanardi, Maurizio
2018 Come Together: Firm Boundaries and DelegationAlfaro, Laura; Bloom, Nick; Conconi, Paola; Fadinger, Harald; Legros, Patrick; Newman, Andrew F.; Sadun, Raffaella; Van Reenen, John
2020 Globalization for SaleBlanga-Gubbay, Michael; Conconi, Paola; Parenti, Mathieu
2020 Trade Protection along Supply ChainsBown, Chad P.; Conconi, Paola; Erbahar, Aksel; Trimarchi, Lorenzo