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2002Dynamic Advertising under Vertical Product DifferentiationColombo, Luca; Lambertini, Luca
2003Endogenous Transportation Technology in a Cournot Differential Game with Intraindustry TradeColombo, Luca; Lambertini, Luca; Mantovani, Andrea
2003Quality and Advertising in a Dynamic DuopolyColombo, Luca; Lambertini, Luca
2003Quality of service in the Congestible Internet: a Differential Game with Capacity InvestmentsColombo, Luca
2003Fiscal Federalism and Endogenous Lobbies' FormationBordignon, Massimo; Colombo, Luca; Galmarini, Umberto
2003A Differential Game with Investment in Transport and Communication R&DColombo, Luca; Lambertini, Luca; Mantovani, Andrea
2005A Chicken Game of Intraindustry TradeColombo, Luca; Labrecciosa, Paola; Lambertini, Luca
2012Information acquisition and welfareColombo, Luca; Femminis, Gianluca; Pavan, Alessandro
2013Strategic Location Choice under Dynamic Oligopolistic Competition and SpilloversColombo, Luca; Dawid, Herbert
2013Does easy start-up formation hamper incumbents' R&D investment? A theoretical and empirical analysisColombo, Luca; Dawid, Herbert; Piva, Mariacristina; Vivarelli, Marco
2015Sustainability assessment of food supply chains: an application to local and global bread in ItalyGalli, Francesca; Bartolini, Fabio; Brunori, Gianluca; Colombo, Luca; Gava, Oriana; Grando, Stefano; Marescotti, Andrea
2015Are R&D investments by incumbents decreasing in the availability of complementary assets for start-ups?Colombo, Luca; Dawid, Herbert; Piva, Mariacristina; Vivarelli, Marco
2016Macroeconomic and Institutional Determinants of Capital Structure DecisionsBotta, Marco; Colombo, Luca
2019The gains of ignoring risk: Insurance with better informed principalsAbrardi, Laura; Colombo, Luca; Tedeschi, Piero
2019Debt restructuring with multiple bank relationshipsBaglioni, Angelo; Colombo, Luca; Rossi, Paola