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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Anti-dumping Duties and the Byrd AmendmentCollie, David R.; Vandenbussche, Hylke
2006 Maximum-revenue versus optimum welfare export taxesClarke, Roger; Collie, David R.
2006 Welfare in the nash equilibrium in export taxes und Bertrand duopolyClarke, Roger; Collie, David R.
2006 Export taxes under Bertrand duopolyClarke, Roger; Collie, David R.
2007 Migration and trade with external economies of scaleCollie, David R.
2007 The optimality of optimal punishments in Cournot supergamesĀzacis, Helmuts; Collie, David R.
2007 Auctioning immigration visasCollie, David R.
2008 Anti-dumping regulations: Anti-competitive and anti-exportCollie, David R.; Vo Phuong Mai Le
2009 Tacit collusion over foreign direct investment under oligopolyCollie, David R.
2009 Immiserizing growth and the Metzler paradox in the Ricardian modelCollie, David R.
2010 Multilateral trade liberalisation, foreign direct investment and the volume of world tradeCollie, David R.
2011 Product differentiation, the volume of trade and profits under Cournot and Bertrand duopolyCollie, David R.; Vo Phuong Mai Le
2013 Partial collusion and foreign direct investmentCollie, David R.; Norman, George
2014 Taxation and the Sustainability of Collusion: Ad Valorem versus Specific TaxesAzacis, Helmuts; Collie, David R.
2015 Taxation under oligopoly in a general equilibrium settingCollie, David R.
2016 Gains from variety? Product differentiation and the possibility of losses from trade under Cournot oligopoly with free entryCollie, David R.
2017 A simple model of Brexit under oligopolyCollie, David R.
2018 Maximum-revenue tariffs versus free tradeCollie, David R.
2019 Trade wars under oligopoly: Who wins and is free trade sustainable?Collie, David R.