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2007 Firm growth and R&D expenditureCoad, Alexander; Rao, Rekha
2007 The employment effects of innovations in high-tech industriesCoad, Alexander; Rao, Rekha
2007 Disentangling the firm growth process: evidence from a recursive panel VARCoad, Alexander
2007 Firm growth: a surveyCoad, Alexander
2016 Who’s doing who? Growth of sales, employment, assets, profits and R&D entangled in a curious five-way love triangleCoad, Alexander; Grassano, Nicola
2016 Diversity in one dimension alongside greater similarity in others: Evidence from FP7 cooperative research teamsCoad, Alexander; Amoroso, Sara; Grassano, Nicola
2017 Persistent heterogeneity of R&D intensities within sectors: Evidence and policy implicationsCoad, Alexander
2017 Manufacturing the future: is the manufacturing sector a driver of R&D, exports and productivity growth?Coad, Alexander; Vezzani, Antonio
2017 European R&D networks: A snapshot from the 7th EU Framework ProgrammeAmoroso, Sara; Coad, Alexander; Grassano, Nicola
2017 Barriers to European cross-border E-commerceCoad, Alexander; Duch-Brown, Néstor
2017 What's good for the goose ain't good for the gander: Cock-eyed counterfactuals and the performance effects of R&DCoad, Alexander; Mathew, Nanditha; Pugliese, Emanuele
2019 Exporting and productivity as part of the growth process: Causal evidence from a data-driven structural VARCiarli, Tommaso; Coad, Alexander; Moneta, Alessio
2021 The birth of new high growth enterprises: Internationalisation through new digital technologiesTeruel Carrizosa, Mercedes; Coad, Alexander; Domnick, Clemens; Flachenecker, Florian; Harasztosi, Péter; Janiri, Mario Lorenzo; Pál, Rozália