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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Industry trade balance and domestic merger policy: some empirical evidence from the USClougherty, Joseph A.
2004 Export orientation and domestic merger policy: theory and some empirical evidenceClougherty, Joseph A.; Zhang, Anming
2004 Antitrust holdup source, cross-national institutional variation, and corporate political strategy implications for domestic mergers in a global contextClougherty, Joseph A.
2004 Integrating Industrial Organization and International Business to Explain the Cross-National Domestic Airline Merger PhenomenonClougherty, Joseph A.
2005 The international drivers of domestic airline mergers in twenty nations: integrating industrial organization and international businessClougherty, Joseph A.
2006 The impact of ISO 9000 diffusion on trade and FDI: a new institutional analysisClougherty, Joseph A.; Grajek, Michał
2006 The Impact of ISO 9000 Diffusion on Trade and FDI: A New Institutional AnalysisClougherty, Joseph A.; Grajek, Michal
2007 Remedy for now but prohibit for tomorrow: the deterrence effects of merger policy toolsSeldeslachts, Jo; Clougherty, Joseph A.; Barros, Pedro Pita
2007 Remedy for Now but Prohibit for Tomorrow: The Deterrence Effects of Merger Policy ToolsSeldeslachts, Jo; Clougherty, Joseph A.; Barros, Pedro Pita
2008 Domestic rivalry and export performance: Theory and evidence from international airline marketsClougherty, Joseph A.; Zhang, Anming
2008 The impact of horizontal mergers on rivals: Gains to being left outside a mergerClougherty, Joseph A.; Duso, Tomaso
2008 Domestic Rivalry and Export Performance: Theory and Evidence from International Airline MarketsClougherty, Joseph A.; Zhang, Anming
2009 Competition policy trends and economic growth: Cross-national empirical evidenceClougherty, Joseph A.
2009 How to measure the deterrence effects of merger policy: Frequency or composition?Barros, Pedro P.; Clougherty, Joseph A.; Seldeslachts, Jo
2009 ISO 9000: New Form of Protectionism or Common Language in International Trade?Clougherty, Joseph A.; Grajek, Michał
2010 Using rival effects to identify synergies and improve merger typologiesClougherty, Joseph A.; Duso, Tomaso
2011 The Deterrence Effects of U.S. Merger Policy InstrumentsClougherty, Joseph A.; Seldeslachts, Jo
2011 Using rival effects to identify synergies and improve merger typologiesClougherty, Joseph A.; Duso, Tomaso
2016 Taking "some" of the mimicry out of the adoption process: Quality management and strategic substitutionClougherty, Joseph A.; Grajek, Michał; Shy, Oz
2016 Effective European Antitrust : Does EC Merger Policy Generate Deterrence?Clougherty, Joseph A.; Duso, Tomaso; Lee, Miyu; Seldeslachts, Jo