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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Mobiles and mobility: The Effect of Mobile Phones on Migration in NigerAker, Jenny C.; Clemens, Michael A.; Ksoll, Christopher
2012 Split decisions: Family finance when a policy discontinuity allocates overseas workClemens, Michael A.; Tiongson, Erwin R.
2014 Does Development Reduce Migration?Clemens, Michael A.
2015 Losing Our Minds? New Research Directions on Skilled Migration and DevelopmentClemens, Michael A.
2015 Smart policy toward high-skill emigrantsClemens, Michael A.
2015 Global skill partnerships: A proposal for technical training in a mobile worldClemens, Michael A.
2015 The Meaning of Failed Replications: A Review and ProposalClemens, Michael A.
2016 Bounding the Price Equivalent of Migration BarriersClemens, Michael A.; Montenegro, Claudio; Pritchett, Lant
2016 The New Economic Case for Migration Restrictions: An AssessmentClemens, Michael A.; Pritchett, Lant
2017 Temporary Work Visas as US-Haiti Development Cooperation: A Preliminary Impact EvaluationClemens, Michael A.; Postel, Hannah M.
2017 Immigration Restrictions as Active Labor Market Policy: Evidence from the Mexican Bracero ExclusionClemens, Michael A.; Lewis, Ethan Gatewood; Postel, Hannah M.
2017 The Effect of Occupational Visas on Native Employment: Evidence from Labor Supply to Farm Jobs in the Great RecessionClemens, Michael A.
2017 Temporary work visas as US-Haiti development cooperation: a preliminary impact evaluationClemens, Michael A.; Postel, Hannah
2017 Deterring emigration with foreign aid: An overview of evidence from low-income countriesClemens, Michael A.; Postel, Hannah M.
2017 The Labor Market Effects of Refugee Waves: Reconciling Conflicting ResultsClemens, Michael A.; Hunt, Jennifer
2017 Violence, Development and Migration Waves: Evidence from Central American Child Migrant ApprehensionsClemens, Michael A.
2017 Testing for Repugnance in Economic Transactions: Evidence from Guest Work in the GulfClemens, Michael A.
2019 Human Capital Investment under Exit Options: Evidence from a Natural Quasi-ExperimentChand, Satish; Clemens, Michael A.
2019 Measuring the Spatial Misallocation of Labor: The Returns to India-Gulf Guest Work in a Natural ExperimentClemens, Michael A.
2020 The Emigration Life Cycle: How Development Shapes Emigration from Poor CountriesClemens, Michael A.