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1996Evolutionäre Optimierungsverfahren und ihr Einsatz in der ökonomischen ForschungClemens, Christiane; Riechmann, Thomas
1997Welfare Effects of Income Taxation in a Model of Stochastic GrowthClemens, Christiane; Soretz, Susanne
1999Income Taxation, Government Expenditure, and Long-Run Stochastic GrowthClemens, Christiane
1999Konsequenzen des Zins- und Einkommensrisikos auf das wirtschaftliche WachstumClemens, Christiane; Soretz, Susanne
2001Lernen in ökonomischen Systemen: Qualitative Aspekte und ÜberblickClemens, Christiane; Haslinger, Franz
2001Dynamic Voluntary Contribution to a Public Good: Learning to be a Free RiderClemens, Christiane; Riechmann, Thomas
2002Discrete public goods: Contribution levels and learning as outcomes of an evolutionary gameClemens, Christiane; Riechmann, Thomas
2002Social Status and Risk-Taking in a Model of Occupational ChoiceClemens, Christiane
2004Growth and Labor Income Risk with Inelastic and Elastic Labor SupplyClemens, Christiane
2004Entrepreneurship and Growth - An Overlapping Generations Approach -Clemens, Christiane
2004Monopolistic Competition and Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking - Too many Cooks Spoil the Broth (but Everyone is better off) -Clemens, Christiane
2005Endogenous redistributive cycles: an overlapping generations approach to social conflict and cyclical growthClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2005On the effects of redistribution on growth and entrepreneurial risk takingClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2007Credit constraints, idiosyncratic risks, and wealth distribution in a heterogeneous agent modelClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2008On entrepreneurial risktaking and the macroeconomic effects of financial constraintsClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2010The Effects of International Financial Integration in a Model with Heterogeneous Firms and Credit FrictionsHeinemann, Maik; Clemens, Christiane
2012Endogenous growth, the distribution of wealth, and optimal policy under incomplete markets and idiosyncratic riskClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2013The Effects of International Financial Integration in a Model with Heterogeneous Firms and Credit FrictionsClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2016Does it Pay to Fulfill the Maastricht Convergence Criteria? - Reflections on the Public Debt and Growth Nexus for Selected European EconomiesBökemeier, Bettina; Clemens, Christiane