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2007 Transaction costs and informational cascades in financial markets: Theory and experimental evidence.Cipriani, Marco; Guarino, Antonio
2007 Like mother like son? Experimental evidence on the transmission of values from parents to childrenCipriani, Marco; Giuliano, Paola; Jeanne, Olivier
2012 The minimum balance at risk: A proposal to mitigate the systemic risks posed by money market fundsMcCabe, Patrick E.; Cipriani, Marco; Holscher, Michael; Martin, Antoine
2012 Leverage and asset prices: An experimentCipriani, Marco; Fostel, Ana; Houser, Daniel
2012 Estimating a structural model of herd behavior in financial marketsCipriani, Marco; Guarino, Antonio
2013 Money market funds intermediation, bank instability, and contagionCipriani, Marco; Martin, Antoine; Parigi, Bruno M.
2014 Gates, fees, and preemptive runsCipriani, Marco; Martin, Antoine; McCabe, Patrick; Parigi, Bruno M.
2015 Informational contagion in the laboratoryCipriani, Marco; Guarino, Antonio; Guazzarotti, Giovanni; Tagliati, Federico; Fischer, Sven
2016 A new survey of the U.S. bilateral repo market: A snapshot of broker-dealer activityBaklanova, Viktoria; Caglio, Cecilia; Cipriani, Marco; Copeland, Adam
2017 Investors' appetite for money-like assets: The money market fund industry after the 2014 regulatory reformCipriani, Marco; La Spada, Gabriele; Mulder, Philip
2019 Financial transaction taxes and the informational efficiency of financial markets: A structural estimationCipriani, Marco; Guarino, Antonio; Uthemann, Andreas
2019 Endogenous leverage and default in the laboratoryCipriani, Marco; Fostel, Ana; Houser, Daniel