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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Taxing Family Size and Subsidising Child-specific Commodities? Optimal Fiscal Treatment of Households with Endogenous FertilityCigno, Alessandro; Pettini, Anna
2000 The Role of Social Security in Household Decisions: Var Estimates of Saving and Fertility Behaviour in GermanyCigno, Alessandro; Casolaro, Luca; Rosati, Furio C.
2000 Transfers to Families with Children as a Principal-Agent ProblemCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa; Pettini, Anna
2000 Why do Indian Children Work, and is it Bad for Them?Cigno, Alessandro; Rosati, Furio C.
2002 Does Globalisation Increase Child Labour?Cigno, Alessandro; Rosati, Furio C.; Guarcello, Lorenzo
2003 Scholarships or Student Loans? Subsidizing Higher Education in the Presence of Moral HazardCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa
2003 Hidden Information Problems in the Design of Family AllowancesCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa; Pettini, Anna
2004 Is There Such a Thing as a Family Constitution? : A Test Based on Credit RationingCigno, Alessandro; Giannelli, Gianna Claudia; Rosati, Furio C.; Vuri, Daniela
2004 The Supply of Child LabourCigno, Alessandro
2005 The political economy of intergenerational cooperationCigno, Alessandro
2005 A constitutional theory of the familyCigno, Alessandro
2006 Is there a social security tax wedge?Cigno, Alessandro
2006 Optimal policy towards families with different amounts of social capital, in the presence of asymmetric information and stochastic fertilityCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa
2006 Is there a social security tax wedge?Cigno, Alessandro
2007 A theoretical analysis of the effects of legislation on marriage, fertility, domestic division of labour, and the education of childrenCigno, Alessandro
2007 Low fertility in Europe: Is the pension system the victim or the culprit? Introduction by Alessandro CignoCigno, Alessandro
2009 How to avoid a pension crisis: a question of intelligent system designCigno, Alessandro
2009 Agency in family policy : a surveyCigno, Alessandro
2009 How to Avoid a Pension Crisis: A Question of Intelligent System DesignCigno, Alessandro
2009 What's the use of marriage?Cigno, Alessandro