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1992 Start-up Costs and Pecuniary Externalities as Barriers to Economic DevelopmentCiccone, Antonio; Matsuyama, Kiminori
1996 Efficiency and Equilibrium with Dynamic Increasing Aggregate Returns Due to Demand ComplementaritiesCiccone, Antonio; Matsuyama, Kiminori
2002 Identifying Human Capital Externalities: Theory with an Application to US CitiesCiccone, Antonio; Peri, Giovanni
2003 Skills' Substitutability and Technological Progress: U.S. States 1950-1990Ciccone, Antonio; Peri, Giovanni
2006 Human capital, the structure of production, and growthCiccone, Antonio; Papaioannou, Elias
2007 Red tape and delayed entryCiccone, Antonio; Papaioannou, Elias
2008 Determinants of economic growth: will data tell?Ciccone, Antonio; Jarociński, Marek
2012 A Note to Schooling in Development AccountingCaselli, Francesco; Ciccone, Antonio
2013 Schooling Supply and the Structure of Production: Evidence from US States 1950-1990Ciccone, Antonio; Peri, Giovanni
2014 Rainfall Risk and Religious Membership in the Late Nineteenth-Century United StatesAger, Philipp; Ciccone, Antonio
2014 Gender Peer Effects in School, a Birth Cohort ApproachCiccone, Antonio; Garcia-Fontes, Walter
2018 Democratic Tipping PointsCiccone, Antonio
2018 International Commodity Prices and Civil War Outbreak: New Evidence for Sub-Saharan Africa and BeyondCiccone, Antonio
2021 Gibrat's Law for Cities: Evidence from World War I CasualtiesCiccone, Antonio