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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Technology transfer with moral hazardChoi, Jay Pil
1999 A Dynamic Analysis of Licensing: The Boomerang Effect and Grant-Back ClausesChoi, Jay Pil
2000 The Dynamics of Corruption with the Ratchet EffectChoi, Jay Pil; Thum, Marcel
2001 The dynamics of corruption with the Ratchet effectChoi, Jay Pil; Thum, Marcel
2002 Corruption and the Shadow EconomyChoi, Jay Pil; Thum, Marcel
2003 Pools and Cross-Licensing in the Shadow of Patent LitigationChoi, Jay Pil
2003 Corruption and the shadow economyChoi, Jay Pil; Thum, Marcel
2003 The economics of repeated extortionChoi, Jay Pil; Thum, Marcel
2004 Antitrust analysis of tying arrangementsChoi, Jay Pil
2006 How reasonable is the reasonable royalty rate?: Damage rules and probabilistic intellectual property rightsChoi, Jay Pil
2007 Tying in two-sided markets with multi-homingChoi, Jay Pil
2007 The economics of politically connected firmsChoi, Jay Pil; Thum, Marcel
2008 Net neutrality and investment incentivesChoi, Jay Pil; Kim, Byung-Cheol
2008 The economics of politically-connected firmsChoi, Jay Pil; Thum, Marcel
2009 International antitrust enforcement and multi-market contactChoi, Jay Pil; Gerlach, Heiko A.
2009 Multi-market collusion with demand linkages and antitrust enforcementChoi, Jay Pil; Gerlach, Heiko A.
2010 Global cartels, leniency programs and international antitrust cooperationChoi, Jay Pil; Gerlach, Heiko A.
2011 Selection biases in complementary R&D projectsChoi, Jay Pil; Gerlach, Heiko
2013 Patent Pools, Litigation and InnovationChoi, Jay Pil; Gerlach, Heiko
2013 A Theory of Patent PortfoliosChoi, Jay Pil; Gerlach, Heiko