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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1981 An Empirical Investigation of the Returns to Job SearchChirinko, Robert S.
1996 Business fixed investment and 'bubbles': The Japanese caseChirinko, Robert S.; Schaller, Huntley
1996 What Do Micro Data Reveal About the User Cost Elasticity?: New Evidence on the Responsiveness of Business Capital FormationChirinko, Robert S.; Fazzari, Steven M.; Meyer, Andrew P.
1999 Firm Performance, Financial Institutions and Corporate Governance in the NetherlandsChirinko, Robert S.; van Ees, Hans; Garretsen, Harry; Sterken, Elmer
2000 Investment Tax CreditsChirinko, Robert S.
2000 Market Power and InflationChirinko, Robert S.; Fazzari, Steven M.
2001 Comment: Kommentar zu: Corporate Investment, Asymmetric Information and Agency Costs in the UKChirinko, Robert S.
2001 Comment: Kommentar zu: Warum Abwehrmaßnahmen gegen Übernahmen in SpanienChirinko, Robert S.
2002 A Revealed Preference Approach to Understanding Corporate Governance Problems: Evidence from CanadaChirinko, Robert S.; Schaller, Huntley
2002 Corporate Taxation, Capital Formation, and the Substitution Elasticity between Labor and CapitalChirinko, Robert S.
2002 Further Evidence On The Relationship Between Firm Investment And Financial Statusvon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Chirinko, Robert S.
2003 Investor Protections and Concentrated Ownership: Assessing Corporate Control Mechanisms in the NetherlandsChirinko, Robert S.; van Ees, Hans; Garretsen, Harry; Sterken, Elmer
2003 Finance, Control, and Profitability: The Influence of German BanksChirinko, Robert S.; Elston, Julie Ann
2003 A revealed preference approach: To understanding corporate governance problems : evidence from CanadaChirinko, Robert S.; Schaller, Huntley
2003 A Vectorautoregressive Investment Model (VIM) and Monetary Policy Transmission: Panel Evidence from German Firmsvon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Chirinko, Robert S.; Breitung, Jörg
2003 On the German Monetary Transmission Mechanism: Interest Rate and Credit Channels for Investment SpendingChirinko, Robert S.; von Kalckreuth, Ulf
2004 That elusive elasticity : a long-panel approach to estimating the capital-labor substitution elasticityChirinko, Robert S.; Fazzari, Steven M.; Meyer, Andrew P.
2004 Finance, control, and profitability: the influence of German banksElston, Julie Ann; Chirinko, Robert S.
2006 Noise vs. news in equity returnsChirinko, Robert S.; Foad, Hisham
2006 The elasticity of derived demand, factor substitution and product demand: corrections to Hicks' formula and Marshall's four rulesChirinko, Robert S.; Mallick, Debdulal