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2009Two heads are less bubbly than one: team decision-making in an experimental asset marketCheung, Stephen L.; Palan, Stefan
2011League-table incentives and price bubbles in experimental asset marketsCheung, Stephen L.; Coleman, Andrew
2011New insights into conditional cooperation and punishment from a strategy method experimentCheung, Stephen L.
2012To see is to believe: Common expectations in experimental asset marketsCheung, Stephen L.; Hedegaard, Morten; Palan, Stefan
2012Savings and prize-linked savings accountsAtalay, Kadir; Bakhtiar, Fayzan; Cheung, Stephen L.; Slonim, Robert
2012Risk preferences are not time preferences: CommentCheung, Stephen L.
2014The Effect of Conflict History on Cooperation Within and Between Groups: Evidence from a Laboratory ExperimentBeekman, Gonne; Cheung, Stephen L.; Levely, Ian
2015The effect of conflict history on cooperation within and between groups: Evidence from a laboratory experimentBeekman, Goone; Cheung, Stephen L.; Levely, Ian
2016Recent Developments in the Experimental Elicitation of Time PreferenceCheung, Stephen L.
2017True Overconfidence, Revealed through Actions: An ExperimentCheung, Stephen L.; Johnstone, Lachlan
2018Mind, Body, Bubble! Psychological and Biophysical Dimensions of Behavior in Experimental Asset MarketsButler, David; Cheung, Stephen L.
2019Eliciting Utility Curvature in Time PreferenceCheung, Stephen L.
2020Present Bias for Monetary and Dietary Rewards: Evidence from Chinese TeenagersCheung, Stephen L.; Tymula, Agnieszka; Wang, Xueting
2021Quasi-Hyperbolic Present Bias: A Meta-AnalysisCheung, Stephen L.; Tymula, Agnieszka; Wang, Xueting
2022Price Expectations and Reference-Dependent PreferencesRutledge, Robert; Alladi, Vinayak; Cheung, Stephen L.