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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Standard gross margin for poultryChetroiu, Rodica; Iurchevici, Lidia
2012 Technical economical effects of the measures on the pigs welfare and protectionChetroiu, Rodica
2012 The dynamics of technical economic indicators of crop and animal production in South-East regionIurchevici, Lidia; Chetroiu, Rodica
2013 Worldwide trends and orientations of raising goatsChetroiu, Rodica; Călin, Ion; Niculescu, Carmen Georgeta
2013 The concept of economic efficiency in agricultureChetroiu, Rodica; Călin, Ion
2014 The importance of traceability in certification the quality of animal productsIurchevici, Lidia; Chetroiu, Rodica
2014 The system of indicators of estimation the economic efficiency in the production of goat milkChetroiu, Rodica; Călin, Ion
2014 Contributions of livestock holdings to the environment objectives improvementChetroiu, Rodica; Iurchevici, Lidia
2015 Comparative study on the milk production at goats autochthonous breedsChetroiu, Rodica; Călin, Ion
2015 The dynamics of the economic efficiency indicators at Alba de Banat and Carpatina breedsChetroiu, Rodica; C̆alin, Ion
2016 The production cost of biological material for introducing to fattening in the swine farmsChetroiu, Rodica
2016 The food balance dynamics of the poultry meatChetroiu, Rodica
2017 Analysis based on questionnaire on the situation of fruit producers in the South and South-East area of the countryChetroiu, Rodica; Iurchevici, Lidia
2017 Structural analysis of domestic meat supply on development regionsChetroiu, Rodica
2018 Considerations on the functionality of short chains of sale vegetables/fruitsChetroiu, Rodica; Iurchevici, Lidia
2018 Romanian milk sector in international contextChetroiu, Rodica
2019 Animal products market study: Between scientific rigor and realityMarin, Ancuța; Chetroiu, Rodica; Iurchevici, Lidia
2020 Coordinates of efficiency / inefficiency in raising sheepChetroiu, Rodica; Iurchevici, Lidia
2020 Considerations redarding dimensional structure of sheep and goats farms at regional levelCreţu, Diana; Chetroiu, Rodica