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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Relative income, network interactions and social stigmaChen, Xi; Zhang, Xiaobo
2011Accounting for social spending escalation in rural ChinaChen, Xi
2011Costly posturing: Relative status, ceremonies and early child developmentChen, Xi; Zhang, Xiaobo
2012The dynamics of catch-up and skill and technology upgrading in ChinaChen, Xi; Funke, Michael
2012Costly posturing: Relative status, ceremonies and early child development in ChinaChen, Xi; Zhang, Xiaobo
2012Real-time warning signs of emerging and collapsing Chinese house price bubblesChen, Xi; Funke, Michael
2013Renewed Momentum in the German Housing Market: Boom or Bubble?Chen, Xi; Funke, Michael
2014Commercial Plasma Donation and Individual Health in Impoverished Rural ChinaChen, Xi
2014Gift-giving and Network Structure in Rural China: Utilizing Long-term Spontaneous Gift RecordsChen, Xi
2014Commercial plasma donation and individual health in impoverished rural ChinaChen, Xi
2014Fetus, Fasting, and Festival: The Persistent Effects of in Utero Social ShocksChen, Xi
2015Status Concern and Relative Deprivation in China: Measures, Empirical Evidence, and Economic and Policy ImplicationsChen, Xi
2015Relative deprivation and individual well-beingChen, Xi
2015Old-Age Pension and Intergenerational Living ArrangementsChen, Xi
2015Happiness in the Air: How Does a Dirty Sky Affect Subjective Well-being?Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Xiaobo; Chen, Xi
2016Valuing Air Quality Using Happiness Data: The Case of ChinaZhang, Xin; Zhang, Xiaobo; Chen, Xi
2016Does Money Relieve Depression? Evidence from Social Pension EligibilityChen, Xi; Wang, Tianyu
2016Old-Age Pension and Extended Families: How is Adult Children's Internal Migration Affected?Chen, Xi
2016What Difference Does Long-Horizon Uncertainty Make? Housing Investment Choices in the Presence of Risky Steady State House PricesChen, Xi
2017Does Daughter Deficit Promote Parental Substance Use? Longitudinal Evidence on Smoking from Rural ChinaChen, Xi