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2015Inflation co-movement across countries in multi-maturity term structure: An arbitrage-free approachChen, Shi; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Wang, Weining
2016A first econometric analysis of the CRIX familyChen, Shi; Chen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lee, TM; Ong, Bobby
2017An integrated perspective of TOE framework and innovation diffusion in broadband mobile applications adoption by enterprisesChiu, Chui-Yu; Chen, Shi; Chen, Chun-Liang
2018How does distress acquisition incentivized by government purchases of distressed loans affect bank default risk?Lin, Jyh-Jiuan; Chang, Chuen-Ping; Chen, Shi
2018Regularization Approach for Network Modeling of German Energy MarketChen, Shi; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; López Cabrera, Brenda
2018Bank interest margin, multiple shadow banking activities, and capital regulationLin, Jyh-Horng; Chen, Shi; Huang, Fu-Wei
2018Time-varying Limit Order Book NetworksHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Chen, Shi; Liang, Chong; Schienle, Melanie
2019CEO overconfidence and shadow-banking life insurer performance under government purchases of distressed assetsChen, Shi; Lin, Jyh-horng; Yao, Wenyu; Huang, Fu-Wei
2019Cross-border lending, government capital injection, and bank performanceLin, Jyh-horng; Lii, Pei-Chi; Huang, Fu-Wei; Chen, Shi
2020The common and speci fic components of inflation expectation across European countriesChen, Shi; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Wang, Weining
2021High-dimensional statistical learning techniques for time-varying limit order book networksChen, Shi; Härdle, Wolfgang; Schienle, Melanie